Bring power to your performance with Game Plan Sports

Sessions are all on the court and designed around the demands the body goes through during a tennis match. These are available in all age ranges. From mini tennis (5-10 yrs), junior tennis (11+yrs), as well adult social and team players.

Whether you are looking for an individual session where you can push yourself as hard as you can. Whilst working on specific weaknesses from mobility to agility. Or maybe you would prefer group sessions like circuit tennis where you get to practice your shots whilst working on specific movements and exercises to help increase your athletic ability.

For a more detailed description of each session, please click below.

Fast Trak Fitness

For mini tennis players looking to start exploring their athletic potential and working on key areas of athletic development.

Junior Fitness

Is for players 11+ years old who are looking to work on the physical side of your game where we will help you reach your [...]

Circuit Training

Is a great way for players to combine their fitness training with working on tactically relevant drills and conditioned points.

Individual Training

Do you have a specific fitness goal? Or recovering from an injury that requires specialised care & conditioning back [...]

Events & Workshops

We run mini tennis fitness (aged 6-10 years old), junior tennis fitness (aged 11-18), and adult tennis fitness events. Alongside [...]