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Tournament or Match Prep – Part 1

Tournament / Match Preparation So as I sat down to plan out this post on match/ tournament preparation. I realised it could go on for quite a while. So I am thinking of starting out general and then we can dive into specific aspects. As I am going to a fairly major mini red tennis […]

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Importance of warming up!

Have you achieved your goals for this year, one key but often overlooked detail of an athletes plan is at the very beginning of their session.

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What does your favourite Pro do over Christmas?

Have you ever wondered what your favourite pro does during the 6- 8 weeks down time between their final match and the beginning of the new season in Australia.

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Why tennis fitness?

When we think of tennis, do we automatically think about high performance professional players? The likes of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams?

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